The Sea

More than a thousand years ago, the region of Aveiro was a bay. There was a beach where today is the river that marks the landscape of the region. Centuries of sediment, brought by the river Douro into the sea, have been accumulated along the coast, helping to build the sand languages and the current ecosystem.

The roughness of the see waves that hit the coast contrast with the calm waters of the Ria

Along the beach, the landscape changes radically, providing the possibility of entering into direct contact with a complex ecosystem, fragile and at the same time fascinating.
Here, the dune landscape is undoubtedly the protagonist: the wonderful balance between the action of the winds and the tenacity of the numerous species of plants have shaped this coast for centuries.


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About Us

As a complement to its main function of own and permanent housing, it is affirmed in the regional context as a service of lodging to tourists, with the purpose of«We welcome you,
with pleasure, warmth and kindness»

For security reasons, the opening and closing of the gate in the property is exclusively fulfilled by the owners of Casa da Ria, always being processed and only at the request of the guests.

Pets admitted with anticipated request and not being able to stay in the house without the presence of its owners.

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