The Ria (delta)

The ria is the result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of coastal cords that, from the 16th century, formed a lagoon that constitutes one of the most important and beautiful geographical accidents of the Portuguese coast.

In total, the whole estuary covers eleven thousand hectares, of which six thousand are permanently flooded, unfolds in four important branching channels in stems that surround numerous islands and islets. In it, the Vouga, Antuã, Jardim, Boco and Fontão rivers flow, having as only communication with the sea a channel that cuts the coastline between Barra and São Jacinto, allowing access to the port of Aveiro of large draft vessels.

Rich in fish and waterfowl, it features large water plans, places of choice for practicing all water sports. Moreover, although it has been losing from year to year, the importance it has already had in the economy of Aveiro, the production of salt, using millennial techniques, is still one of the most characteristic traditional activities of the city of Aveiro.

Widely used for touristic purposes, it offers an unique and privileged contact with Nature


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About Us

As a complement to its main function of own and permanent housing, it is affirmed in the regional context as a service of lodging to tourists, with the purpose of«We welcome you,
with pleasure, warmth and kindness»

For security reasons, the opening and closing of the gate in the property is exclusively fulfilled by the owners of Casa da Ria, always being processed and only at the request of the guests.

Pets admitted with anticipated request and not being able to stay in the house without the presence of its owners.

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