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Aveiro is a city on the Portuguese west coast founded next to a lagoon known as Ria de Aveiro.

It is distinguished by its canals navigated by colorful boats (moliceiros boats), traditionally used for the harvest of algae.

Aveiro was always linked to the sea trade, fishing and salt production.

The region of Aveiro, 'shaped' by the presence of water, is one of the most beautiful in Portugal



The Costa Nova beach, former libris of the region, is one of the excellent Portuguese beaches for the practice of water sports, since, besides the Atlantic front, it also has a riverside front for the Mira Canal of Ria de Aveiro.

Their houses, known as "palheiros", of vertical or horizontal polychromatic lists, are old warehouses of fishing gear, or fish salting warehouses, that at the moment are converted into bathing residences.

Here there are many good restaurants, specializing in cod, fresh fish - grilled or in caldeiradas and still seafood from the Ria de Aveiro.

Palheiros da Costa Nova


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